Dear Colleagues,

  The EUVEKUS Foundation invites all those interested to attend the 30th EUROSON Congress of the European Federation of Ultrasonography- EFSUMB, 6-9.09.2018, held in Poznan, Poland, at the Workshop organized by us on September 7, 2018, at 9 AM entitled:

1. "Thyroid ultrasonography at the Family Doctor Practice - Thyro-Screen Project".

Also at the EUROSON 2018 Congress we have two more oral presentations, namely:





For those interested in this international event, please sign up for the following link:

 http://www.euroson2018poznan.p l/en/registration/

We also invite you to take part in the EURACT Conference in Leuven, Belgium, from 21-22.09.2018 where we have two scientific papers accepted.


Dr. Mihai IACOB, MD.

EUVEKUS President



The brief description of the project THYROSCREEN:

Screening of the thyroid pathology of the high-risk population at the level of Primary Care in Austria

Project presentation: - Integrated Thyroid Ultrasound Screening in Family Medicine



              Dear colleagues, our story began over 20 years ago, when we were in contact with professors from Mannheim who were promoting the German ultrasound school in Europe. Also, we collaborated in the general ultrasound competencies training at the Pediatrics II Clinic of the University of Medicine in Timisoara and we had the idea of developing an intelligent medical software such as imaging diagnostic algorithms to facilitate ultrasound practice at the level of primary health care.

             To make this software, we needed a good expertise in ultrasound field, a standardization of the ultrasound practice, a real base in an informatical field and much passion. A few years ago, I implemented this software who was realized in a period of 15 years of experiments, updates and finally through my collaboration with Syonic-IcMed, I brought it to a professional standard in the field and titled this concept "The Smart Thyroid Ultrasound Software".  

             I believe that the future of Family Medicine will be that of the "ultrasound clinic examination" in which, besides the patient's history and anamnesis, the objective clinical examination can be complemented by US-visualization of various parenchymal organs, to increase the accuracy of the positive or differential diagnosis in outpatient medicine.

              After making this software, we moved to the second stage of our project, and we performed a regional monocentric ultrasound screening at regional level, where we obtained surprising results in more than 5000 patients with thyroid oncology risk with a prevalence of pathology thyroid over 38%, which justifies the importance of the problem raised by us. The accuracy of the proposed method was 95%.

              We have now reached the third stage of our project, to which we invite you to participate and which will be a National Integrated Thyroid Screening - Acronym THYROSCREEN. In this initiative, we want to apply a standardized thyroid pathology screening protocol to reduce thyroid morbidity and thyroid cancer mortality. The presence of multiple risk factors in our country, especially after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, has led to an increasing prevalence of diffuse or focal thyroid disease and an increased incidence of thyroid cancers in contrast to the low incidence observed at the level world.

               The protocol is addressed to physicians, being stratified on three levels:


  • Level I includes primary care provided by family doctors. They will initially evaluate the general population and the risk of patients developing a thyroid pathology, through a questionnaire with 10 questions, offered at the time of presentation in the cabinet. Based on this questionnaire, patients at risk of developing thyroid pathologies will be included in our screening program. The selected patient group will be given an imaging examination by cervical ultrasound by our family physicians, included and prepared by us for this screening. Your patient data will be entered into a diagnostic algorithm or intelligent software for calculating lesion risk for the presence of thyroid cancer. We have developed a standardized working methodology protocol for the family doctor. Your results will be reviewed by a specialist in thyroid ultrasound and elastography that will be transmitted through a telemedicine system developed by us. We will organize a special training program for making thyroid ultrasound at the basic level and using Smart Thyroid Ultrasound Software.


  •  Level II is represented by endocrinologists, their role being to verify and confirm the assessment made by the family doctor. Also, in the endocrinological consultation, suspected malignant lesions are evaluated preoperatively by fine needle aspiration puncture (FNAB) and cytological examination, respectively to request additional investigations useful for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


  • Level III is represented by the surgeon. Following surgical treatment, indicated by level II specialists, follows the histopathological evaluation of paraffin, which will bring definitive diagnosis and allow for a comparative analysis of the preoperative diagnosis offered by the cytology exam, thus requiring pathologist's expertise. Finally, we will correlate the data obtained at Level I, II, III with the "Gold - Standard" method (histopathological examination) to evaluate and validate the accuracy of the primary screening method.

               This project aims to enlist about 10-20 family doctors from different regions (urban or rural), 4-5 endocrinologists, 2-3 pathologists and 2-3 surgeons from national university centers.

               Level I, family doctors, will be co-opted into the project and included in an ultrasound training program within the EUVEKUS partner.

               Level II, Endocrinologists and Cytologists will be co-opted into this project as experts to analyze the collected data, to decide and to make FNABs,  and to decide the therapeutical protocol depending on the results.

               Level III, surgeons and pathologist, will be co-opted in the project to perform the surgical interventions established according to the protocol and to establish the diagnosis of certainty.

                Data collection and analysis will be performed in the collection, analysis, and data transmission software by associated partners experienced in the previous monocentric thyroid screening. As a leading partner, we want to increase the visibility of national primary medicine by publishing scientific articles in internationally rated journals, participating in national and international conferences and congresses, and recognizing us as initiators of an early diagnosis algorithm of thyroid neoplasm as well and future endowment of family physicians with ultrasonographic and elastographic exploration equipment and computerized infrastructure for the early diagnosis of thyroid pathology.

Our story continues ...

Dr. Iacob Mihai Sorin.
President of EUVEKUS.

"The Point Of Care Ultrasonography" in der Familienmedizin (Hausärzte) und Ambulanten Medizin (Fachärzte)

(PoCUS = Notfallultraschall, fokussierter Ultraschall und klinisch durchgeführter Ultraschall)

 Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Wir laden Sie ein, an der von EUVEKUS veröffentlichten Umfrage teilzunehmen, die hauptsächlich auf die Entwicklung und Förderung der klinischen Sonographie in der primären und ambulanten medizinischen Praxis abzielt.

Das Projekt namens "Point of Care Sonographie (PoC-US) in der Familienmedizin", ist ein neues Konzept für die Allgemeinmedizin, das nur einige wenige Curricula auf europäischer Ebene der Primary Care, an denen ich beteiligt war, beinhaltet. 

Grundsätzlich wollen wir die Initiatoren für die Empfehlung sein, die PoC-US-Anwendungen in der Primärversorgung nutzen. Selbstverständlich werden diese Anwendungen auf einer Basisstufe vorgestellt.

Ich sollte erwähnen, dass wir die Unterstützung von Prof.Dr. Adrian Saftoiu - dem Präsidententen des  EFSUMB - der Europäische Verband der Gesellschaften für Ultraschall in Medizin und Biologie ( ), und Dr. Călin Bumbulut, MD, FP - Vizepräsident der Europäischen Union der Allgemeinmediziner / UEMO, Vorstandsmitglied der Europäischen Union von Medizinische Spezialisten / UEMS ( ), die mit uns an der PoC-US-Workshop-Präsentation teilgenommen haben, die zur Wonca Europe Konferenz in Kopenhagen (mit dem Titel "The Point of Care Ultrasonography (POC-US) in der Familienmedizin - Gegenwart und Perspektiven "-Papier Nr. 257) erhalten haben.

EUVEKUS möchte die Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit zwischen WONCA EUROPE, EGPRN, EURACT, UEMO, EFSUMB, DEGUM, ÖGUM und den Disziplinen der Familienmedizin an den Medizinischen Universitäten unterstützen und fördern. Weiters auch die klinische Ultraschallpraxis durch Hausärzte und Fachärzte für ambulante Medizin. Nach zahlreichen Vorträgen, beginnend mit dem Thema, der allgemeinen Ultraschallanwendungen in der Hausarztpraxis und anderen medizinischen Fachgebieten der Ambulanten Medizin, werden die Experten, Protokolle und Leitlinien für mögliche Anwendungen zur Verfügung stellen.

Wir müssen ein Brainstorming durchführen, über das, was wir in der Grundversorgung anwenden können und haben daher in unserem Fragebogen einige PoCUS-Anwendungen angeführt, die in den verschiedenen Curricula anderer medizinischer Fachgebiete enthalten sind  und bitten Sie höflichst, einige kurze Fragen zu beantworten. (5 min Aufwand) 

Wir versuchen, in diesem Jahrhundert der Geschwindigkeit so pragmatisch und prägnant  wie möglich zu sein.

Hinweis: Sie brauchen keine Erfahrung in diesem Bereich haben, sondern nur Ihre Erwartungen in der Umfrage bezüglich des klinischen Ultraschallthemas mitteilen. Die Erfahrung in der Sonographie ist nicht notwendig, um an dieser Untersuchung teilzunehmen. Es gibt keine falsche Antwort, sonder es handelt sich nur um eine Meinungsumfrage eines Arztes.

Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig. Ich danke allen Kollegen, die diese Umfrage bereits gemacht haben.

Sie können den Fragebogen online direkt über die folgende Homepage aufrufen:

Dieser Fragebogen hat eine EGPRN-Version und wurde an unsere Kollegen versandt. Wenn Sie also aus Neugierde mit uns kolaborieren möchten, füllen Sie bitte diese Umfrage aus. Bislang wurde diese Umfrage von über 400 der Hausärzte_innen aus allen europäischen Ländern ausgefüllt. 

Mehr Details über das vorgeschlagene neue Thema finden Sie auf der folgenden Seite von Wonca und in unserer Publikation von Das Weltbuch der Familienmedizin - Ausgabe 2016 Iberoamericana:

Bitte sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung zu diesem Thema.

PS. Wenn Sie Kollegen haben, die an diesem Thema interessiert sind, , leiten Sie sie bitte die Homepage oder die E-Mail als Vorwart, weiter. Sie können E-Mail-Adresse in der Umfrage lassen, wenn Sie wollen, Feedback erhalten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Dr. Mihai IACOB. MD.
Präsident von EUVEKUS
►Europäische Vereinigung für die Entwicklung von Klinischen Ultraschalluntersuchungen im Ambulanten Gesundheitswesen. (Österreich, Wien).
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  • “The Thyroid Ultrasonography at the daily practice of Family Physicians. Thyroscreen Project. The Smart Thyroid Ultrasound Software. Introduction to the Strain Elastography for daily practice of Family Physician.”

12-13 October 2018, Brasov


  • EGPRN Conference 2018 Sarajevo


21-22 September 2018, Leuven, Belgium


6-9 th September 2018, Poznan, Poland - Click here to see the details


5 - 7 July 2018, Sibiu, Romania


20th June 2018, Timişoara, Romania


24th-27th may 2018, Kraków, Poland. (Three Presentation)


17- 19 May 2018, Braşov, Romania


March 29 - April 1, 2018, Bucharest, Romania


Survey „The Point Of Care Ultrasonography” at the Family Medicine and  Ambulatory Medicine

(PoCUS=Emergency Ultrasound, Focused Ultrasound, and Clinician-Performed Ultrasound)


Dear colleagues,


We invite you to participate at the survey, released by the EUVEKUS, which mainly aims is the development and promotion of clinical ultrasonography at the primary and ambulatory health care practice.


The project called: "The Point of Care Ultrasonography (PoC-US) in Family Medicine", is a new concept for family medicine, which was included only a few curricula at the European level of Primary Care to which I was involved, up to this moment, and this will be a great challenge for us.


Basically, we want to be, the initiators for the recommendation to use the PoC-US applications in primary care. Of course, these applications will be recommended to a Basic Level.

I should mention, that we have the support of Prof.Dr. Adrian Saftoiu – the EFSUMB President Elect - European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology(, and of Dr. Călin Bumbuluț, MD, FP – Vice-President of the European Union of General Practitioners/UEMO, board member of the European Union of Medical Specialists/UEMS( , who were join us at the PoC- US – Workshop Presentation organized by us, to the Wonca Europe Conference, held in Copenhagen - (abstract entitled “The Point of care ultrasonography (POC-US) in family medicine - present and perspectives (Paper No. 257) on Thursday, 16 June 2016, 15:00 - 16:00.)


EUVEKUS wants to facilitate communication and collaboration among the WONCA EUROPE, EGPRN, EURACT, UEMO, and EFSUMB, around this idea. Certainly, after this stage of recommendations, the experts will have to establish protocols and guidelines for possible applications which I think will be beneficial to all. But we, want to start now, with this new topic of general ultrasound applications at the family doctors practice and to other medical specialties from the Ambulatory Medicine.


We need to do a brainstorming, about what we can apply and we cannot apply, yet in primary care. We introduced in our questionnaire some PoCUS applications, that are contained in the various curriculum of other medical specialties, which we will send you now, and with respectfully we ask you to fill in, being just a few brief questions, that can be completed within five minutes.


We try to be as pragmatic and concise, in this century of speed.


Note: You do not need, to have experience in this field, being just a survey about your expectations related to clinical ultrasound theme. Practicing of the sonography is not necessary to complete this survey. There are no wrong answers. It's just a physician's opinion polling. Your opinion is important to us. I thank, to all colleagues, who had already completed this survey.


You can access the questionnaire, on line directly, from the email address below:


This questionnaire has a EGPRN version, and was sent to our colleagues, so please if you want to join us, even out of curiosity, to complete this survey. Till now, we have more than 400 answers of the family doctors, to this survey.


An article on this ongoing project was published in the World Book of Family Medicine - Iberoamericana Edition 2016 entitled: Chapter 79 – „Evidence at the Point of Care of Ultrasonography in Family Medicine.” The link to this article can be found below:


P.S. If you have colleagues interested in this topic, to other towns in your country, or in other European countries, please forward them, this email.


Please tell me your opinion related to this subject.


Kind regards,


Dr. Mihai Iacob. MD

President of EUVEKUS.

Coordinator of the Ultrasound Working Group


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