Membership Quality

    May be membership, any Austrian natural or legal person, or foreigner adhering to EUVEKUS, recognizes it and undertakes to comply with statutory provisions, and fulfills its obligations in a timely manner.

    The Association has the following membership categories:

THE FOUNDING MEMBERS or persons who have taken the initiative to set up the EUVEKUS constituted the initial patrimony of the association and committed to contributing regularly (at least once a year) to the reunification or completion of its financial or material means;

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are individuals, natural or legal, who join the EUVEKUS after its establishment and who contribute, at least once a year, to the reunification or completion of its financial or material means.

There are two types of memberships: Individual Membership or Institutional Membership.

HONORARY MEMBERS are the members who, through their personality, adhere to the association and morally and/or materially support the maintenance and development of, or bring, or are able to bring special services to its association and activity;

    The admission of the new members of the association is made by the decision: of  The Board of Directors, on the basis of an application form in which the contribution will be mentioned, in cash or in kind, to be brought by each one for the purposes of the association.


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